Empowerment in Sedona

Empowerment in Sedona

Having an open mind and hopeful heart creates a body-mind-spirit harmony that allows for major shifts of consciousness and the brightening of the human aura.

Each year, millions of people from around the globe visit Sedona to be transformed by the potent energy of the vortices, while basking in the natural scenic beauty of the red rocks. Native peoples were drawn to perform ceremonies in this sacred land for untold millennia. Thousands of therapists, healers and metaphysical teachers have come to this world-renowned power spot to be guided, energized and initiated as they practice their healing arts and share their wisdom. 

- Craig Junjulas - Higher Self Discovery


Whether you think of yourself as a regular person on an ordinary vacation or a mystically minded individual yearning to know more about your true nature, Sedona can hold you in its gentle embrace to relax, soothe and heal your mind and body as well as inspire your creativity and spirituality. If you seek to discover yourself, awaken your higher power, find your life’s path, or just feel a sense of serenity and oneness, Sedona is known as a haven to unwind, rest and rejuvenate; to practice yoga, meditate and pray; to flush out the old energy patterns and mental programs, helping you shift to the next level of enlightenment and illumination. It is also a great place to work with local healers and teachers.


You don’t have to contemplate the universe for hours at the highest point of an advertised energy vortex, dressed ceremoniously and wearing every crystal you own. Just be you! Accept and enjoy the version of yourself as you are at this point in your life … and ask the universe to allow the uplifting energy to advance your soul growth.

Having an open mind and hopeful heart creates a body-mind-spirit harmony that allows for major shifts of consciousness and the brightening of the human aura. Even casual tourists can absorb the higher frequencies of energy as they hike the trails, commune with nature, go sightseeing, and lounge by the pool, even while casually driving through town gazing at the towering fiery red sandstone formations — especially dazzling at sunrise and sunset.

Transformational Energy

The transformational energy pouring through Sedona does not flow around disbelievers. A person who does not accept the existence of ley lines and power spots is more likely to absorb only a portion of the energy and retain the spiritual messages subconsciously. Although they still receive the benefits, a gradual healing and awakening occurs. The power is realized as the person’s mind opens and their blocks dissolve.

Visiting Sedona can be quite an intense experience for some. A person who is a meditator, counselor, healer, psychic, teacher, etc., may experience an immediate shift that is profound — even life-changing. My first time here, I felt like I was sitting on a washing machine during the spin cycle. Within a year I moved from New York to make this my home. That was over twenty-five years ago.

After returning to your hometown and remembering the sights, sensations and positive moments you spent in Sedona, you realize that you remain connected to this patch of earth and sky with all of its healing, empowering and transformational energies.

I have offered my professional services as a metaphysical teacher and counselor in Sedona since 1996. Many groups have come to work with me as a major part of their retreats. Both beginners and advanced lightworkers from the U.S. and around the world have come for personal growth, to awaken their soul powers, and to enhance their state of enlightenment and illumination.

Higher Self-discovery sessions combine aura reading, intuitive counseling, metaphysical teachings, as well as healing and empowering frequencies. These initiatory experiences can help you to enter higher states of consciousness and directly work with transformational energies that assist you with your personal growth and spiritual awakening.

Craig Junjulas - Higher Self Discovery

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