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Discover Sedona Verde Valley

Welcome to Sedona Verde Valley, a place of startling beauty, unforgettable stories, invigorating adventure and tantalizing flavors. Our lush valley is nourished by the Verde River, Arizona’s only wild and scenic river, and embraced by green mountains and red rocks, a wonderland of stunning trails and spectacular golf courses.

Explore Native American cliff dwellings, the history of our copper mining heritage, ranching and farming. Stroll and shop for unique treasures in our historical old towns and thriving main streets. Sip award-winning wines in high country vineyards while bald eagles soar overhead. In the cool evenings, our brilliant, starry sky will stir your soul.

Exploding with stunning red rock formations and lush riparian vegetation, it’s no wonder Sedona Verde Valley has been featured in over 60 films, and that many modern stars own homes tucked away in the canyon. Explore the scenic Oak Creek Canyon, hop on a ghost tour of the old mining town, or reenergize at one of the valley’s unique vortex sites. These unique vortexes are rumored to have healing properties and are few and far between across the globe, with the other known vortexes occurring at Machu Picchu and the Great Pyramids.

Other ways to take in the multi-colored sands and skies that stretch forever include jeep tours of the outback, canoeing, kayaking and rafting on the Verde River, riding the trails, fishing for trout, or floating up into the sky in a hot air balloon.

Whether you plan to explore the metaphysical side of Sedona Verde Valley, hike, bike, soar above the valley on a hot air balloon ride, or relax in our luxe spas, Arizona’s scenic sensation is the ideal setting to discover the magic of the wild west and unwind in our award-winning accommodations.

Navigate our brilliant canyons, uncover the history of the wild west, explore ancient Sinaguan civilizations, reenergize at a vortex site,  or sip our award-winning wines! Savor Sedona Verde Valley—a place of distinctive culture and astonishing nature.

Discover Sedona Verde Valley