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Best Dog-Friendly Hikes In Sedona

Trails and hikes are some of the best ways to get out of the house and experience the outdoors with your dog. It's a great way you both can stay healthy and spend some time in nature. 

Sedona Arizona is a scenic desert town known for its abundance of activities perfect for you and your dog! Here, you’ll find jaw-dropping landscapes with your four-legged friends by your side.

Sedona is one of the perfect places to visit whether you're hiking, or interested in adventure. Here are some of the best dog-friendly hikes:

Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte Loop

Distance: 2.125 miles
Difficulty: Moderate

Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte Loop are almost 3.6 miles. This wonderful trail is one of the four main vortexes of Sedona where people usually head straight. It's also one of the most dog-friendly hike trails in Sedona. This trail gives you direct access to the Bell Rock formation and the beautiful views of Red Rock Country. 

Note that Bell Rock is one of the most popular vortexes in Sedona that draws a lot of people. If you want to have more privacy with your pup, go to the loop around Courthouse Butte. You’ll still be able to enjoy epic views with much more peace!

To get there, go north on Highway 179 and you’ll see a parking lot entrance for Courthouse Vista just after the Bell Rock Formation. You may park here to have access to the trails. 

Hiking Tips:

  • There’s a daily pass for all Sedona trails for $5.00 and they only accept credit cards. 
  • Hiking at sunset is amazing but don’t forget to bring a headlamp.
  • Check out Sedona Secret 7 hikes.

Cathedral Rock

Distance: 1.3 miles roundtrip
Difficulty: moderate to difficult

You don't have to be a world-class hiker to hike in Cathedral Rock.  Cathedral Rock is a short trail coming in just 1.3 miles round trip. 

When hiking this trail, be reminded that some of the rocks are a little bit smooth and slippery and it may injure you or your dog so make sure your dog has a durable harness suitable for hiking. Before taking this trail with your pup, you might want to consider a better way to get to the top as some parts of the trail have rock stacks and cracks that may be uncomfortable to climb for your dog. 

Hiking Tips:

  • Bring lunch or snacks with you up to the top. You'll surely enjoy the breathtaking view while having a mini picnic. 
  • It's usually overcrowded during sunsets, so if you want to avoid the crowd, go early!
  • The best time to hike here is from March until November.

Chimney Rock

Distance: 1.7 miles, loop
Difficulty: Easy

Chimney Rock is a short trail with a 2-mile loop with different intertwining trails. If you want an easy, dog-friendly hike in Sedona you can take the Lower Chimney Rock Trail or the Southern portion of the Thunder Mountain Trail. 

You and your pup can also take the “Three Fingers” trail for a moderate hike which starts at the Thunder Mountain trailhead. If you’re feeling extra, do the difficult hike and climb the Sugarloaf trail and watch the beautiful sunset with your dog.

Hiking Tips:

  • There is very little shade in this trail so make sure to bring lots of water for you and your pup and schedule your hike early in the morning.

Little Horse Trail

Distance: 4.2 miles
Difficulty: Easy

This dog-friendly hike trail in Sedona starts as part of the Bell Rock Pathway and overlooks the south of Sedona and the northern part of the Village of Oak Creek. It's one of the easiest trails, and also one of the busiest during peak hours, as it’s frequently visited by bikers- so you and your dog should always be alert.  

The first part of the trail is flat and sun-exposed- so it’s important to bring water for yourself and your dog. You should also give your dog enough rest in between, especially if you’re hiking on a hot day. The trail has numerous beautiful spots where you’ll see a glimpse of the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

To get there, take Route 89A and then go 179 south. You can park in the Little Horse Trailhead parking lot located off of Highway 179 and you’ll need a pass to park here.

Hiking Tips:

  • You’ll see a mini garden along the trail. Allow your pup to sniff and explore.
  •  Bring lots of water and snacks!

West Fork Trail

Distance: 6.4 miles
Difficulty: Moderate

West Fork Trail is a gorgeous and fun trail that's known as one of the best hiking spots in Arizona and one of the favorites all over the United States. The trail features lots of twists and turns with breathtaking views of canyon walls at just 6 miles round trip. 

This trail is rated an easy to moderate trail. At the end of this trail, you’ll see a pool of water surrounded by cliffs! How beautiful is that? This adventure will surely be one of the best dog-friendly hikes in Sedona you could ever have.

Hiking Tips:

  • The best time to hike here is in the morning and on weekdays where it’s less crowded. 
  • Check out Sedona Secret 7 hiking.

Going on hikes with your pup is one of the best ways to bond together. However, it’s important that throughout your trip, your dog is comfortable. 

If it’s your first time bringing out your dog, make sure you’ve trained him and have everything he needs. Traveling with your dog can be nerve wracking at times but the memories you make are sure to be worth it!


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