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Accessing Spiritual Energies in Sedona

Guest Blog by Adria Wind Horse Estribou (Channeled Message from Angel Ariel)
January 25, 2021
When you walk in Sedona, understand that there are many different energies ready to walk with you. In different geographic locations within Sedona there are different portals (some would say), vortexes (others would say), access points (let's say to be less clinical) to supremely intense energies of one kind or another. And they are not all the same. 
So how do you know where to go to find what your spirit wants or needs right now?
Follow your inclination. Something in you says: "Oh, that view!" Or "That trail. I want that one." Trust that and see what you find there.
Some of you feel unsure about your spiritual ways of seeing and doubt yourself, doubt your ability to find what your spirit wants or needs are while you're here. But there is a part of you that even you could understand is directing your choices, right? Something in you wants to see that view for yourself. Or something in you wants that particular trail. So find that. Take your feet, take yourself to that trail or that view and see what's waiting there for you.
The energies in different places within this island of Sedona energies, are very different from each other. Some will not suit you at all. Some will be your resting place, your favorite place to come back to, for years to come. And the way to find that is not by following anyone else's outer advice, but your own inclination. "Oh, that one!" Yes. That one.
There is a childlike clarity when the soul knows what it wants. You just want that thing. So follow that kind of expression of childish enthusiasm and joy when you're here in Sedona. Follow your joy. It will lead you best. 
In that access point, on that trail, at that view place. . . What do you do next? Listen.
We each have different ways of listening. Some people listen with their eyes and notice a hawk standing there or some picture in the clouds. That's a message in that moment for you. Some people listen to the quiet and it makes them want to sit a bit longer with the eyes closed, taking it in, drinking in something. You don't have to know what. Just take it in.
Some people listen with their hands on the earth, feeling what is there. And some people listen in the heart space and pay attention to how the energies of this place make them feel.
Trust your own way of listening. How long to stay in each place. It's not important for the mind to understand what technically is a vortex. By walking on a path that your joy or your inclination takes you to, you're opening yourself in a soul sense to the energies that are there to work with you today. 
Soul doesn't need so many explanations. Your willingness to be available to the energies here is the best way to proceed. Children also have an innocence where they don't expect to know where an adventure will take them. They don't think they have it all figured out. They're just excited to go there, do that. Be like that here also. Don't have so many weighty expectations of exactly how it's supposed to feel. Then you'll be more open to what is there for you. 
Adria Wind Horse Estribou is an angel channel, medium, shaman and animal communicator based in Sedona. She offers ceremony on the land in Sedona and private sessions in Sedona and virtually.