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6 Tips for Choosing the Right Spiritual Practitioner

If you are looking for a spiritual, mental and physical re-boot, Sedona is the place to be.

The beauty and energy of Sedona draws to it world-class spiritual practitioners and psychics.

How do you choose the right practitioner?

How do you avoid being taken advantage of by those who might not have the best scruples?

1.    Do your homework before you arrive
Google is your friend. All reputable spas, acupuncturists, hypnotherapist and spiritual practitioners have websites. Check out the providers you may want to visit ahead of time and get a feel for what they offer. If something looks good to you, call ahead of time and ask questions so you are sure you understand what services are being offered and at what price. It helps to make an appointment in advance.

2. Check social media reviews
TripAdvisor and Yelp are great sources to check. They give you an idea of what other experiences have been, good and bad. They also give you suggestions on specific practitioners to request.

3. Check the Visit Sedona website for a list of member practitioners
These businesses have invested in the local business community. Their reputation is important to them so they do it right.

4. Understand the language of Spiritual sessions
Here are some terms to know:

    Chakra - One of seven, main energy centers that flows “Chi”, “Rei" or “Life Force Energy” through the Aura, or Human Energy Field (HEF) around the body.

    Reiki - A technique that directs “Rei” by directing it with the hands to achieve energy balance. Subsets of Reiki include Crystal Reiki which uses minerals to direct the flow and Shamanic Reiki out of the Shamanic tradition which may include drumming, rattles, minerals and sound.

    Energy Healing - Any number of modalities and techniques for moving energy to facilitate wellness. Be sure to ask for specifics from your practitioner before you start.

    Psychic or Intuitive Reading - The practitioner gleans information from the Sitter using psychic gifts including Clairaudience (hearing), Clairvoyance, (seeing) Clairsentience (feeling) to give information about the Sitter’s, past, present or future.

    Mediums - connect with the energy of people who have passed to give specific and uplifting information to the Sitter.

5. If you are uncomfortable, end the session!!!
If you are going for a massage, does the facility meet your cleanliness standards? If a practitioner touches you in an inappropriate way, leave immediately. If an intuitive session feels made-up or too broad, end it. If a psychic tells you a passed loved one is in purgatory and can be moved to “the light” for an additional fee, laugh and ask for your money back!

6. Stay Grounded and Have Fun!
The unknown is just that—unknown. Spiritual sessions can be enlightening and give you something to think about. Engage with an open mind and the intent to be enlightened, healed or maybe just entertained.  Most spiritual practitioners are honest and sincere about their gifts. But in the end, only you know what’s right for your life.