5TH Annual Sedona Wolf Week Nov 10-14th - Visit Sedona Blog

5TH Annual Sedona Wolf Week Nov 10-14th


On November 10-14, 2020, the 5th Annual Sedona Wolf Week (SWW) for the first time will take place online amongst the legendary Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona, and the high desert hills of Antelope Valley, California. 

Co-founded by nonprofits Plan B to Save Wolves and Apex Protection Project, SWW's mission is to create advocates through education and empowerment. Programming is unique in scope, including nationally-recognized speakers, thought-provoking films, legendary special guests, a free advocacy workshop open to all nonprofits, and virtual social interactions with the Apex Protection Project Ambassador Pack.

Program highlights include a live event with legends Doug Smith, Carter Niemeyer, and Rick McIntyre. Doug and Carter were integral to the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone. Rick is a retired Yellowstone park ranger, internationally renowned, and sought out by every park visitor who wanted to see the Yellowstone wolves. For the first time ever, these three will be together for a virtual happy hour filled with fun, storytelling, banter, games and more.

Rick McIntyre will also have his own event where he will be reading from his new book The Rise of Wolf 8 and telling stories about the legendary wolf and other wolves and packs. Some ticket options include an autographed book.

Another program highlight includes Wildlife Warriors - Women Advocating for Wildlife, Celebrating the Legacy of Women Wildlife Warriors as We Create Future Advocates. This roundtable of fierce wildlife warriors is moderated by Amaroq Weiss, Center for Biological Diversity, and panelists include KC York, Trap Free Montana;  Quinn Read, Center for Biological Diversity; Talasi Brooks, Western Watersheds; Lain Kahlstrom, Animal Wellness Action; Karin Vardaman, The Working Circle; and Sandy Bahr, Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter.

Around the globe, women are often at the forefront of wildlife conservation efforts. Acting mainly as unsung heroes, they are among the fiercest protectors of the natural environment. These women bravely advocate while encountering threats to themselves and those they love. This program celebrates their efforts, and we can all learn from these "forces to be reckoned with" in this powerful program.

Friday, November 13, is dedicated to compassionate consumerism and co-existence, where people can learn how to make changes in their everyday lives that will help wolves and wildlife. 

"People feel a connection to wolves. Many believe the connection between man and wolf dates back to the Ice Age when a symbiotic partnership was created for each species to survive", said Plan B to Save Wolves Co-Founder Betsy Klein. "Over the years, the connection was lost, so much so that wolves were almost eradicated at the hands of man. So, it begs the question, how did man's best friend become man's worst enemy? Sedona Wolf Week reminds and reawakens that connection inherent in anyone willing."

Most of the programs are offered at no cost, and donations are appreciated. For more information, including schedule and registration options, visit SedonaWolfWeek.org.