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Picture-Perfect Weddings in Sedona

Sedona – Founded on Love

Romance is woven into the very fabric of Sedona. This is a town founded on love. The first postmaster, T.C. Schnebly struggled to come up with an appropriate name for the young community along the banks of Oak Creek. Finally, he did the most natural thing of all. He named it after his beautiful wife, Sedona.

The soft luxury, the devastating scenery and the inviting warmth of Sedona all combine to create an enchanted destination for the pursuit of romance in all its forms. Sedona is ideal for proposals, honeymoons, vow renewals, anniversaries or other milestone celebrations. But for weddings, it is a setting that spills from the pages of storybooks.

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The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

Start with the assortment of stunning backdrops. While there are a number of dramatic chapels, churches and resorts framed by the red rocks, many lovebirds prefer to venture outdoors. Exchange vows atop a high mesa, tucked away in a hidden canyon, on the banks of a silver stream or beside a favorite formation bathed in the lush glow of sunset. Or perhaps you’d prefer to tie the knot aboard a hot air balloon or helicopter. Hire a fleet of jeeps to take you and your party into the secluded, glorious outback. It’s your special day and in Sedona, the possibilities are as endless as the rising spires, buttes and mesas that stretch as far as the eye can see.  Experience the most beautiful day of your life, in the most beautiful place on Earth.

Expert Services

Sedona boasts an impressive infrastructure of matrimonial experts – Explore your many options to the left.  Couples will discover a talented array of wedding planners, florists, caterers, musicians and wedding cake designers. Photographers and videographers, intimately familiar with the beautiful landscape and flattering light, will capture every cherished detail. These are people who specialize in creating unforgettable moments and weddings can be tailored around virtually any budget, from elaborate to simple, from traditional to whimsical.

So relax. With all the pieces in place, and all the support you need, you can experience the most beautiful day of your life, in the most beautiful place on Earth.

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