Why Visit Sedona? | What Is Sedona, Arizona Known For?

Top 10 Reasons to Tour Sedona

Your next tour destination .... Sedona AZ. Top 10 Reasons to include Sedona in your tour programs.

Top Ten Reasons to Include Sedona in Your Tour Programs

1. Unplug & Connect
Why visit Sedona? Sedona is a place where your clients can escape to reconnect as a family, as a couple, or to oneself.

2. Sedona Will Change You
Sedona is known as the place to inspire transformative experiences. Sedona's stunning and unique natural beauty combined with a breadth of amenities nourishes the soul.

3. Lodging
Accomodations in Sedona range from budget to 4-diamond luxury. Many FIT hotels and group friendly properties with meeting facilities offer net rates, group rates, and excellent service.

4. Outdoor Adventures
Sedona is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Your clients can take a hike or a bike ride or perhaps just enjoy a beautiful sunset. They may see Sedona from the back of a jeep, atop horseback or from a hot air balloon or a helicopter.

5. Dining & Wineries
Sedona's restaurants cater to every taste; from breakfast to dinner and from healthy to indulgent, you will find plenty of choices. The combination of high desert sunshine and cool nights provides a perfect synergy for varietals. Our wineries offer tastings, tours, fantastic atmosphere and delicious wines!

6. Art Galleries & Shops
So, what is Sedona, Arizona known for? Sedona is home to more than 500 artists and 80 unique shops & galleries. Specialty items and artwork include famous Sedona landscapes, Kachina dolls, hand-made pottery, sculptures, Native American jewelry and Sedona memorabilia.

7. Metaphysical & Spiritual
There's something magical about Sedona. Its world-wide reputation as a spiritual Mecca and global power spot has drawn some of our world's most amazing healers, intuitives, and spiritual guides. Sedona is a perfect place for spiritual and personal enrichment of the body and soul.

8. Native American Culture
Sedona was regarded sacred by its early inhabitants and visitors. The red rock landscape served as a ceremonial meeting place and a crossroads for trading routes. Native tours are offered by knowledgeable guides. Unique Native American inspired treatments can be experienced at spas in Sedona.

9. Weather
Four mild seasons marked by sunny skies and clean air! With an average daily high temperature of 24C (75F) and over 300 sunny days, Sedona is a year-round leisure destination.

10. The Way Sedona Makes You Feel!

Bonus... Your clients will love you for taking them to Sedona to experience all of the above!

Sedona by the Numbers

  • 2 hours north of Phoenix
  • 45 minutes from Flagstaff
  • 2 hours south of the Grand Canyon
  • Nearly 4,300 rooms
  • 50+ Restaurants
  • 60+ Local Tour Operators & Attractions
  • 80+ Galleries & Shops
  • Elevation 1,400 m (4,500 ft)
  • Meeting Space up to 14,400 sq ft (1,338 sq meters)
  • High Seasons: Spring & Fall
  • Average Daily Temperatures - High of 24C (75F) and over 300 sunny days. Sedona is a year-round leisure destination.

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