Remote Working - The View’s Better From Here | Visit Sedona

Remote Working - The View’s Better From Here

We’re bringing you gorgeous backgrounds for your next conference call.

Bring a piece of Sedona to your next video call.

We’re sharing the natural beauty of our Sedona with you, in all its breath-taking splendor. Visit Sedona (virtually) whenever you like, even when you’re working from home. #SedonaStrong



The sun at play among Sedona’s stone formations and monsoon clouds is mesmerizing. The famous red rocks shift to pink, magenta, gold and orange as high desert rains refresh the ancient land each summer -  a true bucket list experience.

Photograph by Aime Joy Eden | Follow @aimejoyeden         Download file here



Sturdy Junipers evince the strength of Sedona’s native peoples, whose deeply rooted stories surround us. Today, we invite you to share their values of stewardship, wellness and peace. 

Photograph by Ken Behrmann | Follow @ken_ya_diggit                Download file here



The wilderness view from atop Schnebly Hill can power your next zoom meeting –inspiring everyone with the sheer beauty of stunning Sedona.  This backdrop will make you feel small and mighty at the same time.

Photograph by AZHoneyBee  | Follow @azhoneybee            Download file here



Sedona’s subtle expression of the seasons will move you deeply. With energy vortexes, healing arts centers, spas and our embrace of the metaphysical— Sedona practically wrote the book on new beginnings. Couldn’t we all use a little peace and light right now?

Photograph by Dominik Valdez  | Follow @limitlesshorizonsphotography   Download file here



The red rock landscape sprawls across nearly two million acres of national forest and four wilderness areas. Free your mind in our wide open spaces – and find your true passion. 

Photograph by Shannon Kelly  | Follow @shenanigan70               Download file here



Sedona nights bring spine-tingling awe under a glittering blanket of heavenly bodies.  Low light levels combine with haze-free, low-humidity desert skies to make Sedona your portal to the universe.  Since 2014, we have been an International Dark Sky Community, just the eighth in the world.

Photograph by Being Zen  | Follow @being.zen                    Download file here