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Tips for a Sustainable Sedona Visitor

Keep Sedona’s red rocks green with tips any traveler can use.

Contact: Kegn Marissa Moorcroft
Public Relations Manager
Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau
Office: 928-204-1123
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SEDONA, Ariz. (June XX, 2017) – When visiting Sedona, one of the most beautiful places in the world, it is vital to practice green travel. Sedona and the local community encourages travelers to take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints. The travel tips below are simple ways visitors to the area can travel eco-friendly while also enjoying the beauty and serenity of the area.

  1. Stick to marked trails to avoid harming native flora
    When hikers explore off the trails there is a higher chance they will injure or even kill the indigenous plant life while eroding the land.
  2. To preserve the past, visitors should examine, not touch, cultural or historic structures and artifacts
    Much like going to a museum, it is important that any item of cultural or historical significance should be seen and not touched.
  3. Carry a small reusable bag and pick up any trash you spot along your hike
    By carrying a bag, travelers in the area can help dispose of the garbage properly.
  4. Never feed the animals
    Feeding the wildlife can create a dependency on humans, which may lead to attacks.
  5. Buy locally made products
    Sedona is home to amazing locally owned shops and attractions where visitors can buy items that were made in the area rather than imported.

Along with these five tips, visitors can also practice other eco-friendly advice such as using reusable bags, keeping a safe distance from wildlife and seeking out indigenous artisans to preserve their culture. For anyone looking to visit Sedona and the surrounding area, another useful tip is to buy a Red Rock pass and purchase a book called the “Nine Easy Hikes in Sedona” where proceeds support the United States Forest Service. For more on the top sustainability tips and more, visit here.

Sedona is a town that prides itself on practicing sustainability by using eco-friendly resources to preserve the beautiful land its known for throughout the world. The Sedona Verde Valley Tourism Council (SVVTC) partnered with National Geographic Maps Department to launch a Geotourism website. The website features more than 200 green nominated businesses by locals as part of the sustainable tourism initiative in the Verde Valley.

Also, in 2016 the Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau (SCC&TB) created and launched the Walk Sedona program to mitigate traffic congestion, to show visitors that Sedona is a walkable destination, and to better showcase a city animated by the arts.

If all Sedona travelers participated in sustainability practices, the collective impact would be very powerful. Sedona is a special place and there are several initiatives in place and underway to make sure that it stays that way.

For more information on Sedona’s eco-friendly travel tips, view Sedona’s press kit or visit


Press release 06 june 2017