Sedona, Arizona Live Webcam Reveals Real-Time Views

Sedona Webcam Reveals Real-Time Views

The dynamic websites of and have joined forces to bring real-time, motion-rich, high-definition (HD) real-time views  views of Sedona, Arizona, to the public 24/7.

A distinguished addition to the already impressive Earthcam network, the Sedona, Arizona Live Webcam employs state-of-the-art camera technology and is located at the highest point on the “Tabletop Mountain” at the Sedona Airport. Panoramic 360-degree views deliver jaw-dropping scenes of the City of Sedona along with popular red rock formations like Coffee Pot Rock, Thunder Mountain, the Airport Vortex, Sugarloaf, and Chimney Rock. also features two other webcams from the Sedona area. One webcam is showing views from the Seven Arches home high above Gallery Row and the other is streaming from Gateway Cottage Wellness Center in Uptown. The collaboration of Sedona webcams on one site will be an asset for locals to watch out for traffic congestion in peak season and holiday weekends. The webcams offer transparency tools to showcase air quality, storms and stunning sunrise/sunsets to travelers.

The Sedona Webcam is Arizona's first live, streaming webcam where viewers can see people, cars, and clouds in motion at any given moment, in "real time". Clarissa Ramirez, EarthCam Network Product Specialist, stated, "We can’t think of a more spectacular location to launch our first live, streaming Arizona webcam.”

Comello Media Services is the owner of the digital HD web camera that provides the live feed to’s servers, enabling viewers the opportunity to visit Sedona online in "real time".

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