3 Night 4 Day Intergenerational | Visit Sedona

3 Night 4 Day Intergenerational

Sedona, Arizona, is the perfect place to have an entire family adventure and to reconnect with nature and each other. Surrounded by nearly 2 million acres of pristine national forest, Sedona is a 19-square-mile oasis with big vistas and colorful red rock formations. Add to this a mild, four-season climate; a small-town, village atmosphere; numerous outdoor recreational activities; a rich cultural life with a cosmopolitan flair, and a safe, unhurried lifestyle, and it is easy to see why Sedona is attractive to families of all ages.

Day 1

1. Red Rock Ranger Station and Visitor Center (8375 SR 179, Sedona, AZ 86351)
A great way to start your family’s Sedona experience. Learn about the area’s many scenic wonders and world-class recreational opportunities. There are environmental education services and exhibits that include information on red rock country geology, human timeline of the Verde Valley and an interactive display highlighting the seven biotic communities found here.

2. Trolley Ride
Enjoy a scenic overview of Sedona’s red rock country on a quaint open-air trolley for a fun and entertaining ride for the whole family. Various one-hour itineraries will take you to the iconic Chapel of the Holy Cross, Boynton Canyon and more destinations with dramatic family picture stops and lively commentary.    

3. Sedona Heritage Museum
Learn what makes Sedona special and take a step back in time; as you stroll the grounds of this unique and historic pioneer home. Each room covers a segment of Sedona’s history from 1876 to now including the ranching, farming and golden age of western movies.

Day 2

1. Shopping in Sedona
Visit Sedona’s many specialty stores, spiritual shops, galleries, souvenir shops and shopping districts. 

2. Arrange a family-friendly Tour
Sedona’s expert tour guides offer countless opportunities for families of any age to experience adventure.  

  • Jeep Tour, Hummer Tour*—Go motoring along the trails. All these vehicles travel on back roads and over rocks for the thrill of a lifetime.
  • Vortex Tour—Savor the spiritual and Native American presence with an experienced vortex guide.
  • Air Tour*—Soar over the majestic red rocks of Sedona for a spectacular view from the air.
  • Hot Air Balloon Tour*—Enjoy the beautiful Red Rocks and early morning wildlife from the balloon as they float over this high desert region.
  • Verde Canyon Railroad—A Southwestern adventure taking passengers through Sedona’s breath-taking backcountry.

Some activities have passenger height restrictions. Please contact individual businesses for more information.

Sedona is host to some of the best family-friendly restaurants in Northern Arizona. Surrounded by majestic red rocks you can enjoy Southwest, American, Italian, Mexican, and Continental cuisines. From casual BBQ to fine dining along the creek, vegan, gluten-free and more, there is a restaurant to suit everyone’s palate.

Day 3

1. Out of Africa Wildlife Park*
Experience the thrill of an African safari only 30 miles from Sedona. See exciting shows like Tiger Splash™, enjoy exotic animals roaming in spacious habitats, zip lines and more. This awe-inspiring adventure blends family bonds with the power and cunning of the wild.

          *Some park activities have child age limitations, please refer to Outofafricapark.com for more information.

2. Take a Train Ride in the Verde Valley
A Southwestern adventure taking passengers through Arizona’s backcountry, only accessible from the comfort of this train. This legendary “boutique” attraction allows for an uncommon view of a wildly-wonderful red-rock canyon.   

3. Stargazing
Enjoy an entertaining and educational evening with the whole family. Astronomy under the canopy of Sedona’s brilliant starry sky guided by professional astronomers with decades of experience. State of the art telescopes and high powered laser pointers will guide you around the night sky. Select resorts and hotels also offer stargazing for guests, be sure to ask your front desk or concierge. 

Day 4

1. Explore a less-beaten path with Sedona’s Secret 7
If you’re looking for hidden gems and less-beaten paths, Sedona’s Secret 7 is a chance to have a unique Red Rock Country experience from seven different categories of activities. Within each category, there are seven different places that offer a doorway to lesser-known parts of Sedona. Learn more at Sedonasecret7.com. Sedona is surrounded by 1.8 million acres of open space and is known for its hiking trails that wind through the area’s famous red rocks. Find your family’s perfect hiking trail from beginner to experienced.

2. Red Rock State Park or Slide Rock State Park
Our state parks offer exciting entertainment for all ages. Red Rock State Park is a 286-acre nature preserve and riparian habitat with exhibits and a video presentation on the geology, flora and fauna of the region. Slide Rock State Park (originally Mr. Pendley’s 43-acre apple farm) offers historic farming equipment, local apples during harvest, and a slippery water ride down the rocks for the kids and kid-at-heart.

More to Discover...

Gaze into one of the best preserved cliff dwellings in North America. This 20-room high-rise apartment, nestled into a towering limestone cliff, tells a story of ingenuity, survival and ultimately, prosperity in an unforgiving desert landscape. For children up to 14 years of age, find out how to become an official Junior Ranger of Montezuma Castle.

The art of winemaking in Central Arizona goes back to the late 17th century when Franciscan missionaries planted the first vineyards in Arizona. Just in the last ten years has the Verde Valley been rediscovered by vintners, who have come to appreciate its climate and soil for exceptional winemaking. The best part about Sedona wineries is that they are small, locally owned production meccas. Visitors can truly visit a bottling site and see the intricate details that go into making each and every drop of delicious reds and whites.

Give your body a special treat as you enjoy one of our many spa facilities either at a hotel/resort or a private spa in town. Sedona’s world-wide reputation as a spiritual mecca has drawn some of our planet’s most amazing healers, intuitives, artists and spiritual guides. Select spas offer family rooms for couples to enjoy treatments on vacation with the family.


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