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Sedona Secret Season


We all love to share, but sometimes it’s nice to have things all to ourselves.

That’s why Sedona’s Secret Season is so special.

Towering red rock spires stretch silently to the sky.

Hiking trials where the only sound is the crunch of gravel beneath your feet and the song of desert birds. 

Midnight skies with stars glittering serenely in the stillness. 

Deep al fresco meditative states where the whisper of a fresh breeze speaks to your soul.

These are among the quiet Red Rock Country moments Sedona reveals only to a knowledgeable few. 

In the heart of the summer, the cool air of winter, or midweek any time, Sedona shows the deepest truths and most transportive moments to the wise traveler who knows her secret season.

Far from the crowd, close to your heart, these special moments are not something every traveler finds. 

But they are always here.

The next time you feel the lure of Sedona, remember the red rocks hold a special magic in our Secret Season – the winter months, summertime, and midweek days/nights any time of year.

Now our secret is your secret.  Follow the tabs above for ways you can savor Sedona during these lesser seen but unforgettable winter, summer and mid-week moods and colors.

And keep it under your (hiking) hat!

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