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Sedona’s Creatively Names Rock Formations

Memorable names

A mermaid, bell, cathedral, steamship, Madonna, rabbit ears and even Snoopy and his sidekick Woodstock are some of the shapes that can be admired in Sedona’s red rocks—named by early pioneers, but shaped by nature. These fanciful names of Sedona rock formations help people remember the red rock skyline around Sedona. And sometimes they even go beyond Sedona’s border. Walt Disney, a frequent Sedona visitor, named his ride Thunder Mountain after the tallest butte in West Sedona.

Memorable names of Sedona rock formations extend to street clusters as well. There are the coffee streets including Coffeepot, Farmer Brothers, Maxwell House and Sandborn; the ranch streets from Lariat to Rodeo; the musical streets—from Andante to Rhapsody; and the movie series—Broken Arrow, Copper Canyon, Fabulous Texan, Gun Fury, Johnny Guitar, Last Wagon, Pony Soldier and Station West—all named after movies filmed in Sedona.