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Balance Your Chakras Healing Meditation

Next Upcoming Date: Sunday, October 17 2021

Chakras are a fantastic model for envisioning the flow of energy through your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies and meditation is the perfect tool for tuning in and balancing yours.  Seated among the red rocks and immersed in the Sedona energy, you will sit with a kind and caring meditation professional and learn about the 7 chakras, deepen your understanding of meditation, and be guided through a powerful 25-minute chakra meditation to practice what you learn.  Book your spot here  Private sessions are available.


Upcoming Dates For This Event:
  • Sunday, October 17
  • Sunday, October 24
  • Sunday, October 31
  • Sunday, November 7
  • Sunday, November 14
  • Sunday, November 21
  • Sunday, November 28



  • 2650 Pueblo Dr. Sedona, Arizona