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Tramping Through Red Rock Country With Your Pooch

Due to the difficulties of bringing a dog on a flight, 38% of dog owners have taken their dog on a road trip with them instead of flown to their destination. Nowadays 51% of hotels accommodate pets, and some even offer special menus and toys for your pup and bowls for food and water upon arrival. Though 51% may be too low for dog-friendly Sedona, AZ where there’s no need to resort to such drastic measures. Offering spectacular hiking trails, restaurants, and hotels, you can see the sites with your best friend by your side for your entire stay.

The Grand Tour And Soak Up Some Sun

If you’re in the mood for an in-town adventure, check out the Magic Trolley tour with Fido in the seat next to you. Three tours to choose from that last up to an hour and a half, you’ll be entertained as your guide leads you to sites you might not otherwise have seen. From there venture down to Slide Rock State Park in Oak Creek Canyon for a relaxing day of swimming and sunbathing. If you get restless explore the trails that climb up the canyon for an awe-inspiring red rock hike.

Go Where The Dogs Go

Nearly all the are trails are dog-friendly as long as you keep Spot leashed. But before your next hike, start the morning off with “Yappy Hour” at Posse Grounds Park. There your dog can run and frolic with other dogs off leash and play chase across the beautiful grounds of this expansive park. Once your pup has gotten its fill of off-leash fun, then hit nearby Soldier Pass Trail. Offering incredible scenic vistas of Sedona, you’ll venture upon caverns and pools and other surprises along the way. If you plan to bring Fluffy with you for multiple hikes during your stay be sure to hit Bell Trail as well. With seven miles of incredible views along red rock canyons and multiple swimming holes, you’re both in for a treat.

Take A Hike To The Mystical Vortices

The Sedona red rocks are famous for having mystical vortexes, (also known as vortices) which are believed to be funnels of energy rising from and returning to the rocks. There are several of these vortexes throughout the desert in this region, but the four most popular destinations also happen to be fantastic hikes. Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Boynton Canyon are all purported to host their own particular energies that can be leant to healing, enhanced spiritual awareness, and increased energy. They all also sport incredible views. It’s said that dogs have the ability to sense things that are beyond the human range. So better make sure your pup is with you on this one and watch them closely if you really want to know if there really is something to the vortexes of Sedona. If your dog starts to act odd, quickly film them on your phone and you just might have the next viral video on your hands.

Be Prepared

With all the travel precautions you’ve taken with your pet, you’ve likely treated your pup topically for parasites, yet that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pack some insect repellant for yourself. Although mosquitos and ticks are not as common as no-see-ums in Sedona, they are present. With so many trails to choose from, coordinate the ones you plan to hike with any other activities you’ve hope to experience. There’s a lot to see.

Put Your Feet Up And Relax

After a long day of hiking relax and drink some wine at Sedona’s vineyards. Oak Creek Vineyard is dog-friendly and you can pick up a few bottles to take with you for your next day-hike/picnic. Sedona also has quite a few pet-friendly restaurants to choose from, such as the Secret Garden Cafe which has an enclosed patio, so your pup can roam about and socialize with no fear of escape. In Sedona, you can relax knowing your best pal will feel as if their on vacation as well and not just along for the ride.

Article submitted by Sally Writes