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Sedona’s Walk Through Time

Make your own fresh footprints in Sedona’s never-ending Walk Through Time.

May 11, 2016  

 Welcome to Sedona’s Walk Through Time  (Sedona History Walk) – a self-guided stroll through art, cinema, history, geology and nature… a scenic sojourn among restaurants, shops and galleries. Find yourself on Sedona's walking web map.   Easy on your cell phone!  (

Leave your car behind…let your footsteps find fascination:  Walk Through Time Plaque

~ 350 million years of red rock formation

~ Ten thousand years of human habitation, from ancient peoples to native tribes to immigrants of the last five hundred years

~ From pre-Columbian centuries to Mexican nationhood, from US territory to US statehood, from cowboy town to artist colony

Learn of Sedona’s swirling diversity:

~ Western cinema and eastern-view sunsets

~ Max Ernst and John Wayne

~ pictographs and petroglyphs

~ cattle and copperTC Schnebly Plaque

~ orchards and vineyards

~ red rocks and dark skies

~ ravens and rattlers

~ old age and new age

~ magic and myth

Welcome to our walk … welcome to your walk. Welcome to Sedona!

Sedona’s Walk Through Time is sponsored by The Sedona 30, an independent group of Sedona businessmen who, without political affiliation or agenda and without any tax dollars, cooperate with other civic organizations, the City of Sedona, and individual citizens to fund projects that enhance Sedona for both residents and tourists.