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Rest and Relaxation: Enjoy a Girls Rejuvenation Retreat to Sedona, Arizona

As natural nurturers, women often focus on the needs of others, often putting themselves last, which can lead to tired bodies and restless minds.

So don’t feel guilty about retreating with one—or a few—of your favorite ladies for a relaxing getaway. Your body, mind and soul will thank you.

In the best-selling memoir “Eat Pray Love,” writer Elizabeth Gilbert travels to Italy, India and Indonesia on a mission of self-renewal. But you don’t have to go that far to reap the same rewards. Sedona has it all: a renowned spiritual environment, a community that you will love and fabulous food.

First, you must attend the body.

Voted “Best Sedona Massage” for multiple years, eForea Spa by Hilton offers unique treatment journeys to focus on you — offers everything from waxing and massage to manicures and pedicures. Treatments are influenced by local therapists, harnessing the healing powers from Sedona’s spiritual landscape. Using organic, local and results-oriented ingredients, each treatment is designed to leave you feeling thoroughly rejuvenated and nourished.

Jill Galea, managing director of Sedona’s New Day Spa, has years of nurturing and healing experience. She says “So many people that come to Sedona love it for its beauty and nature, and many of the people I’ve met are looking for re-grounding—a balancing between body, mind and spirit. Many times, they’re at a crossroads, trying to make a big decision in their lives. Sedona is a beautiful place where you have the opportunity to get closer to the inner you.”

Located alongside the restorative waters of Oak Creek, beneath towering red rock cliffs and a 50-foot waterfall, Therapy on the Rocks provides natural relief to chronic pain using John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach. Developed to treat the mind/body causes of pain, rather than the symptoms, the method releases fascial restrictions surrounding muscle tissue. Whether your pain is stress-, trauma- or disease-related, patients from around the world experience progress with Barnes’ therapeutic treatments.

Enjoy services and purchase products that pamper you at Body Bliss Factory Direct. Not sure which of its more than 300 locally handcrafted, organic and sustainable aromatherapy products are best for you? Sniff it out with an Aromatherapy Reading; unleash your inner powers with a Gemstone Oracle Reading to learn which stone to rest upon your body; or buy a Female Balance Bracelet for you and your girls as a memento of your getaway.

Replenish your caloric energy with healthy fare at the many conscientious eateries in Sedona. Secret Garden Cafe, where everything is made from scratch daily, includes vegan and gluten-free items on its breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Enjoy your meal or happy hour inside its casual, European-style dining room or on its patio, where seating is cozy and comfy year-round. Relish with guilt-free consumption at ChocolaTree Organic Oasis since its vigilant approach respects Mother Earth—from the packaging to the ingredients. Everything on the menu is organic, gluten-free and homemade. The eatery also has a market that offers a bounty of products to please your body. At Local Juicery, fill your tank with an organic, superfood concoction that cleanses, energizes or nourishes your body. Besides juices, you can fuel up with everything, from breakfast bowls and waffles to salads, soups and even raw lasagna. Be ready to glow from the inside out.

With your body being satisfied, begin to put your mind at rest.

Got something on your mind? A nagging, persistent worry? An itching curiosity about your purpose? A loss that you can’t let go? Get guidance or bridge the metaphysical realm with a session from a licensed practitioner at the Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association. Its gifted members are trusted advisors, who can help lead you to enlightenment.

At the Sedona Meditation Center, discover multiple therapies—from spirit release and soul-growth mentoring to Light of Tao readings to various meditation techniques. These practices are for you to improve your mind/body connection and help you live more in the now. Find a peaceful space to meditate at KPC - Amitabha Stupa & Peace Park. It welcomes all meditative practitioners and offers training and workshops on multiple levels to aid you in your mindful journey.

And finally, let your soul soar.

With body and mind unobstructed, your soul is ready to flourish. Listen closely to see where it takes you. One of the best places you can go in Sedona is nature, and many outdoor adventures await. More than 150 trails crisscross in the area, and The Hike House can find you the right trail, the best gear and apparel, the necessary fuel and the right guidance to explore Red Rock Country.  Who knows, you might feel good enough to run a marathon. The 15th annual RunSedona is Feb. 1, 2020. You don’t have to do the full 13.1 miles half, consider the 5K or 10K distances. With your renewed clarity and de-stressed body, imagine what you can do with your handicap.

Through repetition of movement, focused breathing and prolonged poses, yoga practitioners praise the activity as a way to help clear the clouded mind. Attend a class or schedule a private yoga session that fits your schedule at a yoga studio. Aumbase Sedona offers classes of varying styles and intensities, both in the studio and on land. Combine hiking and yoga with a euphoric walk along Sedona Trail Zen. Imagine going to an energy vortex where you’ll experience a sun salutation and mountain pose like no other. Meanwhile, SPEX: Sedona Philosophy Experience philosophy that centers on exploring your inner life outside - on trails, on rivers and under the stars.

As you return to the responsibilities of everyday life, you’ll feel calm and collected with plenty of energy and excitement about your next steps along your life journey. And remember, during the tough times, feed yourself with the long-lasting gifts you were given and the memories that only your girlfriends and Sedona can give you.