PINK Jeep Tours Showcases Sedona Adventures to Global Leaders

PINK Jeep Tours Showcases Sedona Adventures to Global Leaders

​At Pink Jeep Tours, we continuously search for new and improved ways to share the beauty of Sedona with visitors from across the world and impart our principles of responsible tourism and conservation.

Last week, we had the honor of working closely with non-profit organization Global Ties Arizona (GTAZ) to host a delegation from Tajikistan. GTAZ works in correlation with the U.S. Department of State to connect global leaders to Arizona through their International Visitor Leadership program. The program works to directly promote and improve U.S. diplomacy efforts with other nations.

The State Department organized the Tajikistan organization to meet with Pink Jeep Tours with a goal of sharing premier knowledge of adventure tourism in the United States. Located in Central Asia, Tajikistan has a rugged and mountainous terrain that has great potential for adventure tourism. 

Pink Jeep Tours guided the Tajikistan delegation through the Honanki Heritage Site on our Ancient Ruin Tour, a site that is significant to the Hopi Native American ancestry. By sharing some of our best practices in employee training and retention, infrastructure, land use rights, development and more, the Tajiks learned how to utilize in their own mission to create a flourishing tourism industry back home.

We were honored to have this opportunity from GTAZ and the State Department to work closely with the Tajikistan delegation. We look forward to more unique chances to meet, learn and share what Arizona has to offer with visitors from around the world.

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