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Lacuna Kava Bar brings plant based drinks, high vibes, and live DJs nightly to Sedona

Derived from the kava kava root, kava tea is known for its relaxing benefits. Backed by nearly 3,000 years of cultural use in the Pacific Islands, kava has brought people together for centuries. With the addition of Lacuna Kava Bar in Sedona on August 25th, 2021 the kava experience can now be found in the heart of the city, at the "Y"  between Talaquepaque and Uptown.  

Tea made from the Piper Methysticum plant, which means "intoxicating or enchanting pepper," is just one of their diverse range of natural products like kratom mocktails and CBD prerolls. For Chase Brendle, owner of Lacuna Kava Bar, the plant-based drinks create a platform for conscious and authentic human interaction.

"Island tribes have used kava to create community bringing both travelers and locals together throughout history.  Celebrities ranging from Anthony Bourdain to Prince Charles have tried the traditional tea. "Our plant-based beverages are a great social lubricant and fun way to connect with other people in a healthy environment !" Brendle said. "To me, it's not just about owning a kava bar — it's bringing the entire nation planet and body friendly choices in their self-care and social life."

Known for its relaxing and meditative properties, kava can cause a numbing sensation to the mouth or tongue and has an earthy taste.  Lacuna Kava Bar stands out however, by offering a wide variety of refreshing mixed mocktails to give the traditional beverage a new twist and a modern taste! Along with kava, Lacuna Kava Bar educates it's staff and customers on all their products, like CBD wine & other brews.  Focusing on fair trade, and sustainably sourced ingredients, Lacuna Kava Bar is an industry trendsetter bringing a lot of value to the experience, which ranges from $7 to $11 for a drink. Brendle said that using only "pronounceable" ingredients is a high priority.

In addition, Lacuna Kava Bar will offer another form of social vibrancy & bring the conscious community together by having live DJ's every night!  Don't miss the assortment of events they offer either.  You can find yoga, breathwork, and other healthy offerings on-site, and they are happy to bring the kava experience to your home or event too.

After the past two years of serving the Phoenix community, Lacuna Kava Bar is grateful to join the Sedona community.  At its grand opening on August 27th, the bar will give away over $3,000.00 in cash & prizes, host vendors like Sedona Water Works and Chocolita, plus have live music by Dru West, DJ Sapio, & other local Sedona Resident DJ's!

"Lacuna is such a unique place," Brendle said. "We get so focused on what's going around us that we often forget to stop and really enjoy the moments we spend connecting with others. That's what I really want people to experience when they come in."

Kava is a symbol of welcome and social gatherings. With people coming from all over the world to visit Sedona, recharge, & connect with nature, Lacuna Kava Bar is honored and excited to bring people together from around the globe who are seeking a healthy and conscious vibe.

Lacuna Kava Bar will be open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday and close at midnight on Friday and Saturday, 18+ welcome.


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