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Green Witch Creations in Sedona, Arizona

Green Witch Creations opened in March 2019 with the mission to provide a space for local artists to share and sell their work and to help people enrich their lives through positive spiritual growth. With an online shop and a physical store in Sedona, there are products and services available to help create balance in peoples’ lives, strengthen relationships, promote well-being, and overall, help people to thrive in mind, body, and spirit.

What is a Green Witch?

The name Green Witch Creations is inspired by the practice of green witchcraft, working with the elements of earth, air, fire, and water, harnessing these natural energies and using them for a purpose. Green witches are attuned to the Earth and bond with plants and wildlife, evoking their natural energies to bring about more beauty and positivity in the world. They use herbs, crystals, and other natural materials to facilitate magical healing and well-being through the power of nature. While the term witch might have a negative connotation in pop culture, green witches are followers of natural spirituality and promote positive growth and empowerment through their connection with the natural and spiritual worlds. Green Witch Creations offers a space for all who are curious about Wicca and local practitioners to help customers down their path of spiritual wellness.

Green Witch Products and Services

The online and physical stores feature a wide range of products, including chakra jewelry, crystal wands, gemstones, clothing, Wiccan products, and more by local artists and designers. There is something for everyone here; whether they are experienced practitioners shopping for supplies or are simply looking for some unique crystal jewelry, Green Witch Creations is open to all who are searching for positive spiritual growth. Their employees and artists are available to provide guidance and answer any questions.
Many spiritual-oriented services are offered here, such as psychic readings, palm readings, tarot card readings, astrology, guided meditation, and hypnosis. These services give insight and clarity, offering answers and guidance for life’s challenges. Several practitioners are available at Green Witch Creations, each with their specialties, so no matter where one’s spiritual journey may take them, there is someone available to help guide and facilitate. The goal of these services is spiritual empowerment and well-being, enabling customers to take on life’s challenges with confidence, relieving them of anxiety and negative emotions, and ultimately enriching their lives.

Classes and Retreats

Classes and retreats are also available, focusing on a range of subjects, such as aligning the chakras and healing the aura, tours of the Sedona spiritual sites, and classes on contemporary witchcraft, helping those new to Wicca to gain a better understanding of the craft. Some events and retreats cater to feminine empowerment, such as the Women’s Healing Circle and Goddess Awakening & Empowerment retreats. These retreats focus on spiritual healing and wellness and feature classes and sessions with practitioners, including clinical hypnotherapists, spiritual healers, psychics, mediums, spellcasters, reiki healers, and more.
Overall, the main mission of Green Witch Creations is to help people rid themselves of negative habits and ego-constructs, helping to unlock the true, greater self within. While everyone’s spiritual path may be different, everyone can benefit from a new perspective and way of thinking. Dedicated to the expression of creativity, spirituality, art, and ideas, Green Witch Creations is a place for all seeking to increase their well-being.
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