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Finding Your Summer Sedona Persona

If you’re like me, when summer winds down, you start thinking about how you can maximize those precious remaining carefree days.  So the decision on where to go and how to spend every weekend or vacation day becomes a top priority.  Fortunately, we’ve introduced a fun new tool - the Sedona Experience Finder - to help you figure out just that.  With just a few touches of its unique preference sliders, you can instantly find activities in Sedona that fit your current mood.

Imagine you’re thinking about a trip to Sedona (we’re gonna go out on a limb and assume that since you’re reading this).  You’ve probably heard about or have seen pictures of our beautiful red rock landscape.  But after you’ve fed the 'Gram with your best envy-producing shots, what else is there to do?

Go to the Sedona Experience Finder and dial up your preferences.  Your first option:  Are you more a Favorite Places or a Hidden Gems traveler?  If you’re seeking local, authentic experiences just nudge that slider down and you’ll find an array of options like off the beaten path tours, art workshops and more.

If those options don’t work, the Sedona Experience Finder can further fine-tune your preferences.  Are you looking for a high-heels or a flip-flops type vibe...or somewhere in between?  Go casual and explore some of our peaceful parks and gardens.  Looking for a more refined experience?  Savor some of our local vintage at a wine tasting.  Unlike a lot of apps that try to know you based on your past trips or purchases, we’re not trying to pigeonhole you.  Our Experience Finder captures your current mood.

Let’s say you’re motivated to experience Sedona’s red rocks up close and personal to get that adrenaline flowing.  Maxxing out the Thrill Seeker slider turns up some helicopter and kayak adventures.  These are awesome options for full-on thrill seeking, but maybe you experienced a few hiccups in your journey to Sedona (never happens, right?) and your mood has changed to max relaxation and self-care.  The Experience Finder has you covered.  Turn up the Wellness Seeker and you’ll find a range of restorative retreats.

All that wellness seeking has put you in a great mood, so you’ll be a much better travel companion.  Whether you are traveling as a couple or as a family, your options can be further tailored to keep everyone happy.  Perhaps you’d like to dig deeper into the culture of Sedona, and learn what a spiritual vortex is?  Finding a balance for both culture and nature lovers is fun and easy to do.  It’s also the perfect de-stress tool when the pressure’s on to come up with those unforgettable end of summer trip ideas.

Now that you have all these tailored ideas for experiencing Sedona, what do you do with them?  That is, until you finish booking your trip and you’re here?  Glad you asked! In the Sedona Experience Finder, you can easily save any experience as a favorite and build your ideal Sedona wishlist.  When you’re ready, you can share them with your social network or email them to your travel companions to show them you’ve got this (and it’s gonna be off the hook).  The final weeks of summer are a great time to channel your newfound Sedona Persona, and we’ll be here to welcome you when you do!