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Finding Your Favorite Sedona Trail

Hiking is one of the most accessible, enjoyable activities one can find in Sedona. All you need is a decent pair of shoes, some water, sunscreen and the desire to explore. But no trail is the same, and often the best views or experiences can require some effort - even when you feel like you’re on top of the world looking out over the majestic landscape - can require some effort. Fortunately, the Sedona Trail Finder helps you find Your Happy Trail as often as you’d like

Whether you’re enjoying the great outdoors, or just dreaming of doing so from the comfort of your home, you can find the ideal path for any situation. First time to Sedona? Adjust the preference sliders for a popular trail with great views. Cathedral Rock From Oak Creek and the Bear Mountain Trail are two great options - a 94% match. Not convinced? Take a look at the 360 view from the top of Cathedral Rock and you’ll see why it rates so high.

Those are just two of the preference options. You can fine tune your experience for an epic full day hike or a quick jaunt. Images for each matching result show the distance and hiking time at a quick glance.

Some days you may just want an easy stroll.  Maybe you have young children or old knees - we get it.  In that case, pick an easy flat trail like Crescent Moon Ranch. Again, if you are just looking to relax with some views, you can check out a 360 degree view of the Honanki Ruins

Anytime is the right time for finding your ideal Sedona trail. If you’re the plan-ahead type you can save your favorites ahead of time and view them later. Looking forward to a 2.5 hour hike on the Schnebly Hill Trail? Just click the heart icon and those beautiful photos and helpful description will hold you over until it’s time to lace up those boots.

Maybe you like to play it by ear? When inspiration strikes, just pull the Trail Finder up on your phone, view the trail map to get your bearings and be on your way. Our Trail Finder maps are powered by Google Maps so you’ll likely be familiar with the layout.

Speaking of maps, you can also view your top results on an orientation map to see which ones may be closest to where you’re staying. Or, if you’re up for more you can find another trail nearby. Either way, a click in one of the map pins or callout boxes will take you to the details for that trail.

Whether you’re visiting virtually or joining us soon, we hope the Trail Finder will inspire you to explore our trails in a way that’s tailored just for you. We welcome you to clear your mind with an invigorating hike amid our spectacular vistas and hope to see you out on our trails soon!