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Art Walk

Sedona kicks off every month in style with 1st Friday in the Galleries.

April 27, 2017

On first Friday of each month what could be best called a visual feast is held: 1st Friday in the Galleries.  Hosted by the dynamic Sedona Gallery Association, galleries stay open late in every corridor of the town – Gallery District, Uptown and West Sedona.  Locals and visitors alike are enchanted by receptions that are full of lively conversations, demonstrations, music and other special events.

The last rays of sun streak the red rock cliffs with a glossy sheen and a dreamy light washes over the town as the fast-falling dusk bruises the sky in shades of burgundy, blood orange and plum.  Into this radiant color palette, patrons move from gallery to gallery.  Food is nibbled, wine is sipped and inspiration is inhaled.  Light and music spills from open doors. Ken Rowe

Sedona has been a player on the international art scene for more than sixty years. Its siren song drew surrealist icons Max Ernst and Dorothea Tanning along with their cohort famed Egyptian sculptor Nassan Gobran in the mid-fifties.  To this day renown and emerging artists continue to be drawn to Sedona and in the SGA galleries visitors can savor breathtaking artwork in diverse mediums including Western bronzes, whimsical kinetic sculptures, contemporary jewelry, Native American kachinas and weavings, fine art paintings, large format photography, stained glass, ceramics, woodcarvings, architectural décor pieces and many more. Creative Gateways

A special magic exists during the 1st Friday event.  There’s a palpable energy in the air.  Perhaps it is the opportunity to meet a favorite artist or simply the swell of inspiration that arises when mingling with so many like-minded people. Considered to be a “must see’ event for locals and visitors alike, 1st Friday in the Galleries is very much the quintessential Sedona experience, a celebration of beauty, of fervor and the creative spirit.  And of course, the experience is complete with the exciting purchase of your favorite piece.

Two kinds of people are drawn to Sedona, artists and lovers of art.  The first Friday of every month is their night to howl.

For more information on 1st Friday or Sedona’s vivid art scene, visit the Sedona Gallery Association.   hoels2