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About the Red Rock Pass Program Recreations in the Red Rocks

The Red Rock Pass Program is a conservation tool designed to protect, enhance, and maintain Sedona’s awe-inspiring red rock landscape for the American public today and into the future.
The level of care and maintenance required for the Red Rock landscape exceeds that needed in other National Forest areas. Revenue from the pass program is making a difference providing improved visitor information, environmental protection and lasting memorable experiences!

Enhanced recreation amenities include outstanding urban and backcountry hiking; day use picnic areas, restroom facilities; informational and interpretive signing; maintained roads for breath-taking vistas and photo opportunities; and secure places for individual solitude and family recreation.

Conservation work funded behind the scenes include hundreds of miles of maintained trails; hundreds of acres of vegetation and soil stabilization; thousands of pounds of trash being collected; and a safer National Forest for the American public.

Approximately $800,000 annually is collected from the Red Rock Pass program of which 90 percent is kept locally to provide for high quality recreation, natural resource protection and valuable visitor services.
If you have an Annual National Park pass or a Senior Pass you can use that pass in lieu of a Red Rock Pass. Stop by the Sedona Chamber Visitor Center for a hanger or place on your card on the dashboard with the signature side face up. 

You can purchase a Red Rock pass at a trailhead that requires one. You can also purchase the Red Rock passes on-line.

All visitors to Coconino National Forest must display a valid pass at day use sites where a fee is required.

If purchasing your pass on-site, no printed copy of the pass will be available. Instead, your license plate number will be used to confirm compliance.

If purchasing a pass in advance, a printed copy of the pass is recommended for your vehicle as connectivity is limited. 

Passes do not guarantee parking availability. For your safety, please remember that parking outside of designated areas is discouraged and visitors who park illegally may be fined and towed. Passes are valid until 11:59 PM of the date listed on the pass, and only for the date(s) and vehicle specified for the pass. 

Passes are not valid for the use of other fee areas, developed campgrounds, or these day-use sites which are operated by private permittee: Grasshopper Point Picnic and Swimming Area, Crescent Moon Day Use Area and Call O' the Canyon (West Fork Trailhead).

Passes are non-transferrable, non-refundable, not replaceable if lost or stolen, and are void if altered or reproduced.