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4 Travel Tips to Prepare for a Visit to Sedona

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Are you thinking of visiting Sedona? Well, you won’t regret it. This vibrant Arizona town is packed with things to do and sites to see. 

Sedona is proud to show off its fantastic culture and beautiful scenery, but first, you’ll have to prepare for your visit — from childproofing your road trip to planning a range of activities, there’s a lot to consider. 

Read on to learn more about Sedona and discover four top tips to consider before embarking on your adventure. 

Read up on travel advice in Sedona

Once again, Sedona is ready to welcome new travelers! 

Despite worries surrounding coronavirus and its consequential restrictions, Sedona is open and ready to explore, the town has stabilized and recorded low levels of the virus, which could be attributed to its large open spaces.

But the fact remains that coronavirus is still a risk (even on your holidays). When you arrive in Sedona, you’ll have to adhere to and understand a new set of rules — be safe, clean and ready.

Here are a few major guidelines you need to remember when visiting Sedona:

  • Wear a mask 
  • Stay six feet apart from others
  • Regularly wash your hands
  • Avoid large gatherings

For full up to date information, make sure you refer to Sedona’s government website before setting off on your travels. 

Image: Pixabay

Bring your hiking boots

Sedona is one of the most beautiful and scenic parts of Arizona — an arid region packed with stunning cliff walks, forest adventures and desert trails. 

There are hundreds of trails to choose from in Sedona. So, when packing your bags, a pair of tough hiking boots wouldn’t go amiss. 

Before arriving, we recommend you take a good look at all the hiking trails available. It’s good to establish your skill level because you need to know your physical limits, along with those in your company. 

Hikes in Sedona cover a variety of challenging terrains and appeal to different skill levels, with these hikes being some of the most popular according to AllTrails:

  • Soldier Pass
  • West Fork
  • Bell Rock Pathway

Though all routes are stunning, they aren’t exactly a walk in the park. While the trials mentioned above range from easy to moderate difficulty levels, you still have to come mentally prepared. 

However, if you’re feeling particularly confident and have a strong hiking background, consider one of Sedona’s most challenging trails. This selection of hard trails for experienced hikers includes: 

  • Bear Mountain
  • Wilson Mountain 
  • Cathedral Rock

Each of these treks offers steep elevations and tricky terrain. So, if you’re thinking about tackling one then come prepared with proper hiking gear and lots of water. 

Regardless of your skill level and confidence, you’ll want to attempt at least one of Sedona’s famous hiking trails. Hiking is one of the best ways to experience the great outdoors and the beauty of the State. You can even find your perfect hike that fits your needs by simply using the Sedona Trail Finder.

Image: Pexels

Keep young children entertained if you plan on driving

Picture the scene: you’re driving along far-stretching Sedona roads and absorbing the sun lathered landscape. Suddenly, you hear, “are we there yet?” from the back seats. 

Young children infamously possess short attention spans, which can be tested along the open road. And while the awe-inspiring sites of Arizona are enough to keep you preoccupied, it likely won't be enough for the little one.

Arizona is a huge state where you can drive for hours and only pass a few small towns. So getting to Sedona by car — though incredibly scenic — takes a very long time, which could cause some grumbles amongst youngsters if you don’t manage to keep them entertained. 

What's the solution to this? After all, Sedona is certainly worth making the extra effort to visit. 

Whenever a family friend of mine goes traveling they make sure to pack a rescue playset to bring their bored toddler back from the brink of a tantrum.

Create a dedicated box full of fun toys and activities to keep your child entertained. Struggling to fill your activity box for kids? Here’s a list of toddler-tested ways to captivate their attention when traveling, which includes: 

  • Plasticine
  • Finger puppets
  • Magnetic doodler
  • Window toys

With these items, you can jazz up a plain old car journey and turn it into playtime. Plus to get the kids excited about Sedona you could theme this playset around all of the area's fantastic wildlife. From wild coyotes and black bears to a stunning bird population. Kids adore animals, so a game built around this has to be a winner.  

Explore Sedona’s wonderful arts & culture

Many people around the world flock to Sedona for its stunning trails and desert scenery. But, when travelers arrive, they experience a thriving arts & culture scene. 

Are you surprised? In a place covered with breathtaking backdrops, blanketed in warm orange sunsets. It’s no real shock Sedona inspires unique creativity, from art centers to booming festivals, Sedona has it all. 

Intrigued? Here are some events and venues to keep an eye out for when planning your trip: 

However, even though Sedona is currently a low-risk area for coronavirus, many of the town's cultural institutes have been affected by the virus. As a result, events such as the arts and film festivals are canceled for the time being. 

Although you might not be able to experience the big crowds, Sedona’s fine food industry is still open and ready to welcome you. See below for some of my favorite restaurants I think you should visit: 

These venues are sure to get your stomachs rumbling. But make sure to book a table well ahead of time. Sedona’s best eateries are popular spots, so you don’t want to be left in a queue.

Sedona is a fantastic town that can’t wait to welcome you with open arms. To make the most out of your trip you need to delve into its varied trails and immerse yourself in its fine art and culture, not to mention good food! 

Guest blogger: Laura May