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Yoga Magic in Sedona

April 14, 2017
submitted by Leah Joy Lindner

Aumbase Sedona 1One must attest, their is a magic in Sedona that is unlike other places. It isn’t found in a shop, or in the many touristy attractions. Its something else – something you can feel that IS tangible in the air … a taste, a presence that is not only in the beautiful weather,  jaw dropping vistas, pink sunsets (with more golden light than your eyes can take)… or in the incredible rock formations that look like sleeping red giants, that draws people back for years to come.

In my life – I have come to practice (on a consistent basis,) yoga. I found my flow with perfect ease, only when I first practiced, on the land.  It was during the the Sedona Yoga Festival, a few years ago, when I drove up from Phoenix to attend a few classes and hiked by myself out to one of the beautiful vistas. I felt inspired to flow- so I did. What an experience, to lay in Savasana after a rigorous movement, and open my eyes to the beautiful Bell Rock. I was transformed. My spirit, my practice, my heart.

I have come back every year, to hike, to flow and to practice my yoga. Until I eventually – just moved here.Aumbase Sedona 2

Today, I have come to find Aumbase Sedona as my home studio and my happy place to both practice in the studio or out on the land with my teacher. Aumbase has the most incredible guides that help you bring that magical practice to the land. Perfect for small groups to find the energy of yoga, that when practiced on the land, is amplified, focused, and ready to support and reinforce your highest intentions.  Their studio too is an extension of this, a big, bright, beautiful, clean and comfortable space in West Sedona with an incredible view of Thunder Mountain.

Aumbase Sedona 3Aumbase Sedona is also the perfect and affordable location also to host your event, bring your team, offer your workshop, teach your class, practice yoga, or have an epic hiking adventure. Aumbase add-ons include amenities such as lodging at the Aumbase Ashram for your friends or out of town visitors, and they host a variety of yoga events including the Sedona Yoga Festival.

Visit AumbaseSedona.com – to book your experience on the land today!

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