• What does it mean to be a sustainable business?

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What does it mean to be a sustainable business?

April 28, 2017sa logo

Sustainable tourism is growing by leaps and bounds so to keep up with trends, Sedona and the Verde Valley are intent upon branding our region as a sustainable destination.

To support that effort, the Sustainability Alliance has been certifying local businesses as sustainable. This brings businesses recognition for their good deeds and our tourism-based websites are promoting businesses that get certified.  To indicate our own commitment to being more sustainable, the Sedona Chamber also got certified.

What does it mean to be a sustainable business?
You don’t have to be perfect to get certified. The certification assesses your positive impact on employees, the community and the environment. Here are some examples of what your peers are doing.
Bronze-level practices:
Karen Dunlap, a realtor for Coldwell Banker, has ensured her outdoor lighting is compliant with Dark Sky guidelines, has assessed the chemicals she uses and gives preference to sustainably certified products.

Vino di Sedona is close to a Silver certification. They work to build community, recycle all materials that are taken locally and reuse water.

Demetri Wagner, owner of El Rincon, cared so much about climate change that he has donated money to put solar on schools and offsets approximately 10% of his annual carbon emissions.

Indian Gardens Market and Café uses all green cleaning products and purchases Energy Star appliances.

Jay’s Bird Barn in West Sedona collects plastic water jugs at Sedona Recycles and sells seed in them. They also sell bird pillows that help women in South America. Since they can’t put solar panels on their rented building, they purchase green power from APS in their Green Choice program.

Silver-level practices:
Pedego Sedona Electric Bikes rents and sells electric bikes, and they run electric bike tours. They give back to the community by fixing bikes at Twice as Nice. As they point out, “Not only is it a donation, but it keeps bikes in service rather than selling new ones (using new resources).”

Sedona Recycles obviously helps us all recycle so many of our materials: glass bottles and cans, Styrofoam packaging, toothpaste tubes and even wine corks . But they also employ developmentally disabled adults, giving them a chance for dignity and leadership.

ChocolaTree Organic Oasis pays profit sharing to senior employees and involves all employees in decision-making. Consequently, in a market where most restaurants are clamoring for staff, they have no trouble attracting and retaining great employees. They use all green cleaning products, even ditching their automatic dishwasher so they could avoid using chlorine. All their food is local, organic, Fair Trade and or wild-crafted and they compost their food waste at their farm. They also sell items that help communities in South America.

16 Sedona Chamber members are already certified as a Sustainable Business

If you’re not on the list, READ HERE to see how you too can get certified.

Entertainment Venues:
Vino Di Sedona Fine Wine & Craft Beer (Bronze)

Wyndham Sedona (Bronze)

Eye Boutique of Sedona (Bronze)

Healthy World – Sedona (Bronze)
Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau (Bronze)
Sedona Recycles (Silver)

Jan Bigelow —  Make Sedona My Home (Bronze)
Karen D. Dunlap – Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage (Bronze)

ChocolaTree Organic Oasis (Silver)
El Rincon Restaurant Mexicano (Bronze)
Indian Gardens Café & Market (Bronze)
Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill (Bronze)

Jay’s Bird Barn – Sedona (Bronze)
Sedona Vortex Center Events (Bronze)

Pedego Sedona Electric Bikes (Silver)

Verde Valley School (Bronze)

For a complete list of certified businesses in this region, please go to this page.

Sustainability in Sedona is not just about preserving our stunning natural landscapes for residents and visitors alike. It’s also about creating a vibrant and ‘green’ economy that provides meaningful jobs paying a living wage. And, it involves fostering a thriving community that offers our residents a high quality of life.

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