• Slow Down and Recharge in Sedona

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Escape the chaos of life, kick back and relax in Sedona.


Slow Down and Recharge in Sedona

February 6, 2017
When life seems too hurried or chaotic, too bristling with responsibility, here’s a word to remember: Sedona.

Hold on to that. Make Sedona your mantra not just as a vacation but also as a well-deserved time of renewal and wellness. This is an escape designed to restore body and spirit. It’s an amazing solo outing but even better when shared. This is the kind of getaway where you want to round up a few special friends and embark on an adventure in red rock country.

Connect with the landscape through physical activity. Sedona has a way of pulling people outdoors. With over 300 miles of trails winding through scenic canyons, alongside musical creeks and around magnificent sandstone formations, it’s almost impossible not to go for a hike. And walking is among the very best exercise for humans, reducing the risk of heart disease, improving blood pressure and enhancing mental well being. Or rent a mountain bike and go whooshing through the canyons on a ride that’s equal parts cardio workout and adrenaline junket.

Take time to visit Sedona’s famed vortexes, centers of rich energy that are conducive to meditation and spiritual wellness. Treat a visit to a vortex as your own personal journey. Discover again the simple joy of stillness. Allow yourself to be open to serenity. Or just kick back and enjoy astounding views.

Accompanying the raw beauty of the landscape is an infrastructure of unprecedented comfort and healthy indulgence. Sumptuous resorts, high-end and mid-range hotels and rustic cabins occupy some of the most prominent real estate in town. Sedona’s world-class spas offer treatments ranging from facials, wraps and scrubs to massages and health-restoring therapies—many using local materials and Native American-inspired treatments.

Others find harmony amid the 80-plus galleries and shops found throughout the town, featuring works of both local and internationally acclaimed artists. There’s something incredibly calming about being surrounded by so much passion and inspiration.

Leaving Sedona, you won’t be the same frazzled person that arrived. Don’t you wish you could say that about all your vacations?

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