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Best of Sedona: Location, Location, Location

March 30, 2017
by Roger Naylor

Sedona proves that the old real estate mantra still rings true. It really is all about location, location, location.

The town nestles at the mouth of spectacular Oak Creek Canyon. It spreads across a landscape of rising red rock columns and towers, and is blanketed by lush forest. A musical stream flows through the heart of the community. This is a dreamscape grounded in reality.

Even if you don’t come to Sedona seeking adventure you’ll likely find all that you can handle. Adventures are hard to avoid when you spend so much time outdoors. Sedona just has that way. It pulls you outside for a closer look. Then you want an even closer one.

Cathedral Rock Vista location

Cathedral Rock Vista

Non-hikers will find themselves ambling down enticing trails, marveling at the terrain of sculpted stone and brilliantly blue sky. People who never venture down a dirt road at home find themselves laughing like crazy in the back of a jeep as their driver clambers over boulders and straight up rock faces. Stay-at-home types suddenly turn into anglers, kayakers, mountain bikers and horseback riders. Normally earthbound folks sign up for helicopter tours and hot air balloon rides.

hot air balloon over Sedona

hot air balloon over Sedona

Sedona is like a personal trainer. It pulls you into the action and coaxes the very best out of you. A visit to the town offers the ideal combination of physical activity, followed by soothing indulgence. Because the only thing better than having an adventure is reliving it. Have a few well-earned kinks worked out with a therapeutic massage at one of Sedona’s world-class spas. Or swap tales over an exquisite dinner at one of the many chef-owned eateries. Or toast the thrills with a bottle of local wine in one of the tasting rooms.

Then start planning your next day. More adventure await in this paradise called Sedona.

Sedona Peach Sky with Red Rock Vista location

Sedona Peach Sky with Red Rock Vista

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