• Finding Sedona Lodging with your Intuition

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Finding Sedona Lodging with your Intuition

Sedona, for many, is a site of spiritual pilgrimage. This area of awe-inspiring beauty, spiritually conscious culture, vibrant art community, historic dwellings, and pristine hiking trails, lends the perfect supportive landscape for a Spiritual Retreat! There are many lodging options ~ from camping, hotels, vacation rentals, cabins, and retreat properties; how do you know which one to choose to support your personal Sedona Retreat?

1. Set an intention: Start with asking yourself some clarifying questions, such as
“What kind of experience am I inviting into my life through this trip?” (example responses may be – personal growth, transformation, healing and restoration, etc.)
“What kind of environment do I need to feel supported in my quest?” (example responses may be – secluded, close to hiking trails, views, walking distance to inspiring galleries, a sense of community, etc.)

2. Tap into your innate intuition:
We all possess intuition! It is a natural expression of our being. When inviting your mind to relax and become still and clear, allow your heart and intuitive energies to emerge.
“When I look at a map of Sedona, where is my heart feeling guided to?”, can help to narrow down some of your lodging options.
If you are feeling unclear and have experience with muscle testing or pendulums this may be validating as well.

blooming tree
3. Connect:

Having narrowed down areas, needs, and desires for your ideal space, now is the time of connection. If you are enjoying a group retreat, you may call the individual organizing the retreat for more information on lodging options. Sharing your intention and your needs, what recommendations do they have? Consider asking for any personal experiences they may have with the locations to get more of an insider feel of each space.
Of the areas you have narrowed down, reach out by phone to a representative of each potential retreat location, pen and paper in hand. Record your honest impressions of your phone interaction. You may ask, “What things do you wish people knew about your space before their visit?” or “What information can you share with me that isn’t on the website, etc.?” Don’t forget to inquire about availability, deposits, pets, etc.
Once you have recorded these impressions, write a name indicating each accommodation in question on index cards. Turn each face down, shuffle them up, and clear your mind. Which one pops out at you first? Take the first card and without looking at the name, take note of how your body feels, impressions you receive, do you feel excited about this card, or not so much? Record your impressions on the back. Only when you are complete with each card/impression, turn them over to reveal the space.

4. Make the commitment:

Now is the time to put your guidance in action! Reserve the dates on your calendar, make arrangements for your accommodations, and trip details, and refresh your camera batteries.

Guest blog submission by Christina Wooten, International I. A.M.

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