The Sedona Film Office is your ultimate resource for everything you need to film in Sedona, Arizona.

  • Location Assistance
  • Information regarding technical crews, talent, accomodations and local services
  • Coordination and facilitation of filming at city, state, and private properties
  • Assistance with film permitting
  • Liaison between production company, the Sedona community and government agencies


Sedona Film Office
928-204-1123 ext. 170

Top Reasons to Film in Sedona

  • Film-friendly community
  • Dry and sunny weather conditions most of the year
  • 12-14 hour shoot days 6 months of the year
  • Four mild seasons
  • Diverse ecology – red rock sandstone, creeks/rivers, mountains, desert, forests
  • Talented crew base including local film school
  • Helpful staff in the Sedona Film Offiice


Looking to obtain permits?  Your key contacts for acquiring permits are:

City of Sedona: Audree Juhlin 928-204-7107

Coconino National Forest: Judy Adams 928-282-4119

The Official Website for the Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau