• Dance With Light at Creative Gateways

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Dance With Light at Creative Gateways

February 6, 2017
submitted by Creative Gateways

Light illuminates, and while artists can’t paint light, from the use of color to creating form and movement, they work to masterfully capture its effect. American artist James Turrell said, “Light is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself the revelation.”  As a medium glass, in particular, transmits light in a magical way transforming colors and textures in each moment.  A Glass artist uses light as an integral part of their work.   This weekend, from Thursday, February 9th through Sunday, February 12th, Creative Gateways presents  Dancing with Light.  This vibrant show highlights the stunning fused glass artwork of Pilisa Rainbow Lady. dark-highway-pilisa-rainbow-lady

Pilisa Rainbow Lady’s work reflects her diverse background, which spans a successful career in technology as well as being the founder of the Ringing Rocks Foundation where she worked with indigenous healers from around the world.  As an artist working in glass, Pilisa embraces the spontaneous and the unexpected as the process and materials are inherently unpredictable.

Her luminous creations echo the ever-changing nature of glass itself.  Colors sinuously merge and dazzle with warmth reflecting the ambient play of light within the surrounding environment. Her work is meant to be woven into everyday life, from bowls to poured light sconces, her pieces illuminate the surrounding atmosphere allowing function and form to come together.

Pilisa has been an artist all of her life working across mediums including fiber art, painting, and ceramics but found her passion in fused glass.  The world around her often inspires her. The wall piece Dark Highway was inspired by a rusty truck on the side of a field as she was driving to Tucson.

pilisa-rainbow-ladyJoin Creative Gateways on Thursday, February 9 from 6-8pm to meet this engaging artist and enjoy a lively discussion about her inspiration and process of making fused glass plates, bowls, pendants and flat work. Appetizers and beverages will be served.

Creative Gateways is an artist’s collective and public gallery space in Sedona, Arizona. Founded in 2016 by Pilisa Rainbow Lady, the working studios are open to all, and visitors are welcome to drop in at any time to meet the artists and engage with the creative process. Their intention is to create an open community where cross-pollination of ideas and spontaneous collaborations can flourish. The gallery space showcases the innovative and lively work that results from this very special environment, for visitors to discover, explore, and take home with them. Creative Gateways is located at 45 Birch Blvd in Sedona. For more information about Creative Gateways, please visit CreativeGateways.com or call 928-862-4440

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