Where to Eat

Dining in Sedona

There are dozens of wonderful Sedona dining choices, and several Sedona restaurants have earned national acclaim for their exceptional food and atmosphere. For visitors on-the-go there are also fast-food franchises and other Sedona eateries, such as sandwich shops, pizza parlors, delis and coffee shops. Casual attire is welcomed - even in fine dining establishments.

Top Arizona Restaurants in Sedona

 Many of the best Arizona restaurants are in Sedona. For a town its size, Sedona has a surprising variety of food options. Sedona Arizona restaurants cover the food gamut - from bakeries and bistros to many styles of fine dining, southwestern cuisine and catering.  Sedona restaurants offer an exceptional variety of menu choices. You'll find American food (including steakhouses); South-of-the Border Mexican food and international fine-dining specialties, including Italian, French, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Thai and Japanese food. Many Sedona Arizona restaurants change their menus seasonally.

Where to Eat in Sedona


Every part of the area features a Sedona restaurant. When it comes to deciding where to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner, Sedona restaurant choices abound. Multiple Sedona restaurants can be found in Hillside, Tlaquepaque, Oak Creek Canyon, Uptown, the Village of Oak Creek and West Sedona. Sedona restaurants are renowned for their outstanding lunch and dinner menus and wine lists. Often a Sedona restaurant will feature locally produce, wines and beers to enhance a special lunch or dinner. To find where to eat in Sedona, browse Sedona restaurants in the official Experience Sedona Guide.

Beautiful Red Rock Views

Thanks to Sedona's mild climate, many Sedona restaurants offer outdoor dining three seasons a year, and some restaurants feature red rock views from their dining rooms all year long. Even a casual coffee shop can have a spectacular red rock view! So don't be shy. When you go out to eat, it's perfectly fine to gawk at the astonishing red rock views and to linger over dessert and coffee.

A Venerable Tradition of Winemaking

Since the turn of the millennium, bucolic Verde Valley has been home to several vineyards and wineries. These wineries are producing handcrafted, limited production wines in both white and red varietals as well as library wines and multi-grape bottlings. Several have been applauded by wine critics and have won national wine awards. The public can give the wines a try in the vineyards' tasting rooms during visiting hours, during occasional winemaker dinners and by picking up a bottle in area restaurants and in Sedona's fine food emporiums and liquor stores.